PhD Topics

University of Illinois

  • Information design for post-conflict zones (Claudia Grisales)
  • Designing for values in infrastructure (Juan de la Rosa)
  • AI in haptic feedback devices for pre-schoolers with learning deficits (Gerry Derksen)
  • Information design for light rail in smart cities (Yaguang Sun)
  • Design for sustainability of health devices through product longevity (Cliff Shin)
  • Open design and distributed systems for designers working in social innovation (Priscilla Ferronato)
  • A visualization system for digital narrative (William Gillespie)


  • Adapting participatory processes to help increase capacity to act (Amanda Geppert)
  • Design principles for games for personal growth (Roberto Faller)
  • Extending health service systems through models of abstract thinking (Santosh Basapur)
  • The role of provocative prototyping in time, space, and information design (Jaime Rivera)