Visiting Researchers

Two Professors of agricultural statistics from the National University of Cordoba, Argentina, visited the University of Illinois campus in July.  Prof.  Cecilia Bruno spent three weeks, and Prof Monica Balzarini spent one week.  They worked with existing data, and began to conceptualize statistical computer programs to semi-automatize our methods of data and economic analysis.  The long-run goal here is to make it feasible for DIFM to be able to analyze data coming from hundreds, or even thousands, of field trials every year, and in this way provide farmers from all over the world with data-based management advice.

On July 5, David Bullock, Taro Mieno, Nicolas Martin, and Monica Balzarini and Ceci Bruno met in Ankeny, Iowa with Scott Nelson and Peter Kyveryga.  Nelson is the Director of the Iowa Soybean Association’s On-Farm Network.  Kyveryga is the Director of ISA’s Research Analytics program. Discussions were held about working with ISA to run DIFM trials on twelve fields in 2018.