Current Projects

CO+RE Grants Program

The projects below have been selected to receive a second round of funding from the CO+RE Program.

Examining the Effects of a Youth-Based Sport for Development Program on Socio-Emotional Learning and Academic Efficacy

Developing a novel sport for development program to help youth in the Champaign/Urbana area develop socially and academically.

Illinois Maya Initiative

Developing a collaborative hub connecting researchers, community social service professionals, and indigenous Latin American (primarily Maya) immigrants and refugees in east-central Illinois.

MOVE MS and Beyond: Fostering Group Exercise for Individuals with MS and Other Disabilities Through Research-Supported Community Programs

Designing, developing, implementing, and sustaining an MS-specific physical activity program.

STEAM TRAIN (Transdisciplinary Research Across Institutional Near-Peers)

Providing educational enrichment across grades and institutions.

Arts CO+RE Grant Program

CETACEAN (The Whale): The 6th Performance in the Unreliable Bestiary

A multi-year communal process culminating in a public performance centered around a full-scale blue whale skeleton—an enormous marionette suspended and “swimming” through the air of the University of Illinois Stock Pavilion.

Disability Aware Cities

This multidisciplinary community-based arts program and public art project—incorporates public art, oral history, and storytelling—supports collaborative and interdependent creative teams composed of members of the local community who are disabled and Applied Health Science students. The program will engage and spotlight members of the arts and disability communities and will foster innovative learning experiences for students, faculty, and members of the community through new, equitable and creative approaches to access and the disabled experience.

Champaign-Urbana Virtual Performance Commons

This project seeks to take advantage of this moment to assist artists in presenting their work digitally and train those who desire to learn to use these tools themselves.