Resources for Beginning Teachers

Starting your first classroom assignment in the fall? Considering K-12 education as a career possibility? Interested in working with young adults in a public or school library? The Education and Social Science Library has a top notch collection of materials for professional educators, in addition to our renowned S-Collection of books for youth. The following list represents some of the resources we have available to help you start your first year teaching with confidence.
Handbooks and Manuals

Donoghue, Donna; Sally Wakefield, and Esther Collins.
A Guide for Beginning Elementary Teachers: Getting Hired and Staying Inspired. 2005.

Includes advice from professionals on preparing portfolios, starting the school year successfully, navigating the requirements and impacts of No Child Left Behind, and discipline and management of students.
[Education 370.2373 D719g]

Jonson, Kathleen Finney.
The New Elementary Teacher’s Handbook: Flourishing in Your First Year. 2002.

Assists new teachers with strategies for fitting in to his or her new work environment, programs for special needs students, and tips on relieving stress.
[Education Q. 372.11 J738n2002]

Kitchen, Bob.
It’s Your First Year Teaching, But You Don’t Have to Act Like It. 2003.

Helps the new teacher prepare to effectively and confidently interact with other education professionals, parents, and students.
[Education 371.1 K647i]

Shelton, Carla F. and Alice B. Pollingue.
The Exceptional Teacher’s Handbook: the First Year Special Education Teacher’s Guide for Success. 2000.

Specialized advice from seasoned educators for first year special needs student teachers.
[Education Q. 371.90973 Sh44e]

Resources for Lesson Plans

Educators Progress Service, Inc.
Elementary Teachers Guide to Free Curriculum Materials. 2009.

Organized by subject, this guide features instructions on writing letters of request for free materials from a wide variety of sponsors. Intended for use during the current school year and published annually.
[Education Reference A.372EL26]

Educators Progress Service, Inc.
Secondary Teachers Guide to Free Curriculum Materials. 2009.

Organized by subject, this guide features instructions on writing letters of request for free materials available to high school teachers from a variety of institutions and sponsors. Intended for use during the current school year, published annually, includes an index.
[Education Reference 016 Ed821]

Good, Thomas L, ed.
21st Century Education: A Reference Handbook. 2008.

Volume 1 covers educational policy, developmental context of learners by age and stage of learning, building learning environments, and chapters on curriculum development by subject area. Volume 2 provides guidance on using technology in the classroom, non-school curriculum, and current issues in teacher preparation and instruction.
[Education Reference Q. 370.973 T918]

A wide range of lesson plan ideas are also available on the web. Some of these include:

Educator’s Reference Desk: Lesson Plans

This high quality site offers over 2000 lesson plans, written and submitted by teachers across the US. You can browse the collection by subject or search using keywords. The search also lets you limit by grade level.

GEM: The Gateway to Educational Materials

Sponsored by the National Library of Education of the US Department of Education, this is a one stop educational resource which provides information, lesson plans, and activities pertaining to all k-12 subjects. Users can browse sites by subject or keyword, or they can search by subject, keyword, title, or full-text of the site description.
Children’s Books

And, for the younger crowd, we suggest a few books that are suitable for children reading about teachers; or for beginning teachers looking for a little inspiration or humor.

Cox, Judy.
Mrs. Millie goes to Philly! 2008.
Students enjoy their teacher’s silly misuse of words during a class field trip to Philadelphia.
[Education S Collection, Q. SE. C839mr]

Hamilton, Richard.
Let’s Take Over the Kindergarten. 2007.
When their teacher gets stuck in the jungle gym, the kindergarten students decide to take over the classroom and do exactly what they want — at least for a while.
[Education S Collection, SE. H1807l]

Borden, Louise.
The Last Day of School. 2006.
Matthew Perez, the official timekeeper of Mrs. Mallory’s third-grade class, has a special good-bye gift for her. The shool year is coming to an end, and everyone at Albert E. Chapman Elementary School is counting down, including Mrs. Mallory’s third grade class. In the last weeks of school there is much to be done, from putting away supplies to cleaning out desks to finding a summer home for the class pet, Rhoda. Now — finally — the last day is here! Matthew Perez, one of Mrs. Mallory’s students, has a perfect good-bye gift for his teacher, and he can’t wait to give it to her. But when is the right time? Not in the morning when other kids are giving their gifts. Not during the Last Day fun of kickball and ice-cream treats. Will Matt get his chance before the school day is over?
[Education S Collection, S. B6447l]

Chardiet, Bernice; Grace Maccarone.
The Best Teacher in the World. 1995.
Bunny’s favorite teacher, Mrs. Darcy, teaches Bunny not to be afraid to ask questions.
[Education Storage SE.C374BE1995]