UIUC Chemistry Student Wellness Coalition (SWC)

A coalition of graduate student organizations within the chemistry department, driven to improve department culture and student wellbeing

Mission Statement

The mission of the Student Wellness Coalition is twofold. First, we aim to bring together representatives from all UIUC Chemistry Department graduate student organizations under one umbrella organization in order to organize and foster healthy working relationships between the various organizations and the faculty/administration. Second, we aim to support the graduate students and postdocs of the UIUC Chemistry Department in minimizing and mitigating the undue stress from research-related activities. We aim to: (1) Identify and address the sources of undue stress; (2) Provide holistic, compassionate, and practical resources for all aspects of academic life; (3) foster an empathetic research community.

Goals of SWC

(1) To connect student groups within the chemistry department to:

  • Allow better communication between student groups (maintaining a general calendar for all student organizations, advertising and brainstorming events, supporting other organizations initiatives/events, recognizing and working together on collective goals, etc.)
  • Act as a bridge between the students, student groups, and faculty/administration about matters of student wellness
  • Increase transparency between the department head/leadership and student groups

(2) To provide a listening ear to graduate students and postdocs for wellness-related issues in the chemistry department to:

  • Strategize solutions to issues with broader input from different students/organizations
  • Help track progress and feedback on wellness related initiatives

All chemistry affiliated graduate student organizations whose principles align with our goals and mission are invited to join SWC. For regular updates on wellness initiatives, organization events, and communication with broader department leadership, attend one of our open-session monthly meetings or reach out to lukepw2@illinois.edu for more information.

Student organizations help support student wellness, provide community, and promote change. View a list of Chemistry Graduate Student Organizations and their descriptions by clicking the link above.

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