Prospective Students

If you are a potential graduate or undergraduate student, welcome to this page! I am affiliated with a number of departments at the University of Illinois, including:

Depending on your interests, I would recommend visiting each of the departmental web pages listed above to see their admission requirements. If you are unsure about which graduate department would best suit your future career goals, I would be more than happy to give you advice.

Advising Philosophy

As an advisor, I meet with each student to discuss their career goals and their motivation for obtaining an advanced degree. Based on their answers to these questions, we select classes and develop projects that will allow them to finish their degrees and find the best position to fit their career goals. As an advisor I like to hold regular lab meetings. These meetings provide a forum to discuss papers, give oral presentations and to keep everyone informed. I also like to have regularly scheduled, individual meetings with my graduate and undergraduate students. These meetings provide a different forum for the student and I to address any specific issues they may have. In addition, I not only involve graduate students in research, but I also encourage them to seek funding (write grants), present at scientific meetings, and publish in peer-reviewed journals.

Prospective Graduate Students

If you would like to become a graduate student in the BMF Lab, you should: (1) send me an email including your CV and a description of why you are interested in joining the lab and (2) visit the following websites:

Prospective Undergraduate Students

The BMF lab is always looking for motivated undergraduate students to assist with research. If you are currently an undergraduate student at the University of Illinois and are looking for an independent study research experience, please contact me via email. Past undergraduate students have assisted with field and lab research and presented the results of their projects at scientific meetings.