Seed ecology and seed bank dynamics

We are studying the seed ecology and seed bank of US rare plants. We have conducted seed ecology studies (e.g., germination, viability) for the following species:

  • Physaria kaibabensis (Kaibab bladderpod, AZ)
  • Physaria thamnophila (Zapata bladderpod, TX)
  • Dalea foliosa (Leafy prairie clover, IL)
  • Synthyris bullii (Kittentail, IL)
  • Agalinis auriculata (Eared false foxglove, IL)
  • Mononeuria patula (Pitcher’s stitchwort, IL)
  • Scuttelaria floridana (Florida scullcap, FL)
  • Pinguicula ionantha (Panhandle butterwort, FL)

In addition, we have conducted greenhouse studies to better understand the role of seed banks as a tool for grassland restoration. Past collaborations have included US Forest Service Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge (Lost Mound Unit)-Illinois.