Computational and Systems Biology

Mark A. Anastasio

Rohit Bhargava

Fan Lam

Maslov Group
Contact information:
(217) 265-5705
3146C Everitt Lab

Research summary:
Dr. Maslov works on computational models of microbial ecosystems, genome evolution, and biomolecular networks. He is a statistical physicist by training and often used physics-based modeling techniques. He is particularly fond of simple-yet-rich “bottom-down” models. His current research interests include modeling complex microbial communities such as human gut microbiome, oceans, and soils.

Ideal applicant should have:
The Maslov lab is looking for people with strong computational and/or mathematical skills. Undergrads experienced in machine learning or computational modeling of complex biological systems would be especially welcome.

When to apply:
This is flexible.

Health Intelligence Lab
Contact information:
3146E Everitt Laboratory