WIDEspread Wind

Wind Power

To develop, or expand upon, a wind turbine system that will harvest energy and store it in a standard car battery.

Goals Achieved:

  1. Understood current Wind Turbine Technology and decided on Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Design.
  2. Partnered with United Nations NGO IDEAS to help power a school in Uganda Africa.
  3. Partnered with IEEE for Engineering Open House as a sponsor for the turbine.
  4. Built a Successful Turbine, Base, and charge controller system for the University of Illinois Engineering Open House.
  5. Archived Information for the Year.


Current Goals:

  1. Further improve the turbine efficency by determining optimal air foil angles and gear ratios.
  2. Introduce a kickstart system when low winds are present.
  3. Collect more data about turbines power output and durability.
  4. Increase membership
  5. Attend the IEEE Gobal Humanitarian Technology Conference this October in San Jose California.