Mission Statement
Our Mission is to realize the real life problems surrounding developing nations and create versatile technologies to help these communities and beyond.
Current Vision
Our vision is to create an economical, practical, and scalable wind turbine that generates power to store within car batteries for off-grid usage.
In addition, we will provide an implementation system, including an autonomous land surveying quadcopter.
Accomplished Goals
  • Complete development of wind turbine to display at Engineering Open House.
  • Construct fully functional prototype.
  • Won 3rd place in Sustainability category at Engineering Open House.
Current Goals
  • Build and maintain relationships with partnering organizations.
  • Organize implementation of wind turbine in Uganda with organization IDEAS.
  • Refine the existing turbine for better efficiency and minor problems.
Current Plans
  • Integration Team: Determine soil composition and packing measures for shipping.
  • Mechanical Team: Find a better gear ratio and optimize air foil angle.
  • Electrical Team: Optimize the charge controller and kick-start system.
  • Business Team: Continue to fund the organization and increase publicity.
Meeting Times
  • Next General Meeting: TBD
  • Mechanical – TBD
  • Integration – TBD
  • Electrical – TBD
  • Quadcopter – TBD
  • Business – TBD

Project Team Signup Link: http://goo.gl/forms/x8Tki73Tq8