Local properties of oriented tissues – you can still use indentation!

Microindentation is a useful technique for assessing the local properties of soft materials. But applying an appropriate contact model and extracting those properties is a more complex matter, especially for anisotropic biological tissues like tendon. Do not despair! Jiho worked with the Wagoner Johnson Lab to demonstrate the elliptical contact areas between a spherical probe […]

Multifunctionality of insect cuticle: friction and optics

Insects did it first! Inspired by beetle iridescence and a scientist who has studied them (Ainsley Seago), the ABC Lab, the INHS Insect Collection, and the Materials Tribology Lab teamed up to study the multifunctionality of insect cuticle. Back down the evolutionary tree of beetles, some species developed iridescent cuticle, and others did not. This […]

Tribology Lab descends on TFC 2019

We all went up to Chicago for the Tribology Frontiers Conference at the Drake Hotel in Chicago – even Helen, our undergraduate! We had a great time hearing about work and making new connections, as well as getting critical feedback on our own work. Prof. Dunn gave an invited talk at the ASME Feature session, […]

Prof Dunn joins Young Tribologists at ITC Sendai 2019

Thanks to Angela Pitenis (UCSB) and Hitoshi Washizu (University of Hyogo) for inviting me to be a part of this exciting symposium. We had many countries represented, and I learned a lot about the excellent tribology study going on in Japan. I highly recommend the ITC conference, a joint venture between STLE and JAST. Everyone […]