Alison C. Dunn – director (CV) (Google Scholar Profile)

Jiho Kim – graduate, lubrication of hydrogel surfaces, 2014 – present








Shabnam Bonyadi – graduate, wear of synthetic and biological soft materials, 2016 – present








Michael Atten – graduate, AFM investigation of hydrogel surfaces, 2016 – present








Prabhakaran Balasubramanian – graduate, wear transitions in rail steels








Chris Johnson – graduate, soft materials, 2017-present

Hao Fu – graduate, rail tribology, 2017 – present

Trevor Brady -undergraduate, hydrogel structure discovery, 2016 – present

New undergraduates: Kavita Desai, Chenghao Duan, Honglu He, Tabare Torres, Jingfan Zhang


Ahmad Abdulla – undergraduate, click beetle friction and forces, 2016 – 2017

Hannah Ahn (Smart Energy Design Assistance Center) – undergraduate, tribology of flower and leaf surfaces, 2015-2016

Enrique Chavez Villalobos (engineer at Mabuchi Motor Mexico) – M.S. 2014-2016 “Surface Friction and Bulk Properties of Cortical Gray and White Matter in LE/Blu Gill Rats

Ruben Esparza (test engineer at Navistar) – graduate independent study on contact mechanics, Fall 2015

Sherveen Masghati (Hormel Foods) – undergraduate, 3D image processing independent study, 2015 – present

Kevin Niedzwiecki – undergraduate, 2015

Liying Peng – undergraduate, mechanics of partially hydrated surfaces, 2015-2016

Erik Reale – (Smith research group) M.S. 2014-2016, “Poroelasticity-driven lubrication