New paper: Latching of the click beetle (Coleoptera: Elateridae) thoracic hinge enabled by the morphology and mechanics of conformal structures

When you see these images of the beetle peg morphology, doesn’t it make you wonder about the contact mechanics? Us too! In this work by Ophelia and Lihua, we describe how the snap of the click beetle is enabled by the rigid peg. But we also say that the contact mechanics matter. So interesting how […]

New paper from Jiho: strengthening the complex fluid analogy

How does a high-water-content hydrogel surface respond to step changes in speed? Jiho measured the lubrication mechanics of a complex shear interface through tribo-rheometry to try and figure it out. Out of all the possible responses, we find a combined time-dependent and shear-thinning response, just like a complex fluid. Check it out for more details. 

Conference Paper at DYFP 2015

Prof. Dunn will present recent work entitled “Bio-incompatibility? Stability of Hydrogel Layer Lubrication” at the 16th International Conference on Deformation, Yield, and Fracture of Polymers, March 29th to April 2nd 2015. DYFP 2015 Erik Reale, Jiho Kim, and Enrique Chavez Villalobos all contributed to this work.