Welcome to the Smith-Bolton lab!

We useĀ Drosophila genetics to study wound repair and regeneration. Read on for more information about the lab and our work and follow us on Twitter: @SmithBoltonLab.


Most recent lab news:

May 2022: Congratulations to undergrad Le’Mark Russell for graduating with Distinction in Biochemistry!

March 2022: Congratulations to Felicity Hsu for passing her Preliminary Exams!

January 2022: Rachel is named to the List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent by their Students

November 2021: Postdoc Surabhi Sonam joins the lab. Welcome!

September 2021: Congratulations to Anish Bose for passing his Preliminary Exams!

August 2021: Smith-Bolton lab tech Angel Martinez is awarded Outstanding Poster Presentation at the Illinois Summer Research Symposium for his work in the Nowak lab.

August 2021: Rachel is named Assistant Director of the School of MCB for Diversity, Equity, and Inlcusion

May 2021: Le’Mark Russell is awarded the Abbvie/Black Business Network summer research fellowship

January 2021: Rachel Smith-Bolton is named to the List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent by Their Students

January 2021: Yuan Tian‘s work on chromatin remodeling and the role of SWI/SNF in regeneration is published here .