Welcome to the Smith-Bolton lab!

We use Drosophila genetics to study wound repair and regeneration. Read on for more information about the lab and our work.


Most recent lab news:

June 2018: The lab has received a diversity supplement from NIH NIGMS to support undergraduate research.

April 2018: Congratulations to undergraduate Aria Darbandi for receiving an Undergraduate Research Achievement Award.

April 2018: Former undergraduate Amanda Sul will be attending the PhD program at Scripps. Congratulations Amanda!

March 2018: Nayab Abidi’s paper on cell fate changes caused by the commonly used Dll-GAL4 line is published in Scientific Reports here

December 2017: Undergraduate Aria Darbandi graduates with Distinction.

August 2017: Amanda Brock is chosen to give a Hilde Mangold talk and the annual meeting for the Society for Developmental Biology.

July 2017: Sumbul Khan’s paper on the transciptional profile of regenerating tissue and a positive feedback loop that regulates regeneration signaling is published in PLoS Genetics here

May 2017: Amanda Brock’s paper on the genetic screen and the role of Cap-n-collar/Nrf2 in regulating regeneration is published in Genetics online here.

Undergraduate Benjamin Wang is awarded the 2017 Undergraduate Research Achievement Award

April 2017: Congratulations to Keaton Schuster for being awarded the Oyetunji A. Toogun Memorial Award for excellence in Cell and Developmental Biology research