City Year is Hiring

City Year is an education focused, nonprofit organization that unites young people of all backgrounds for a year of full-time service to keep students in school and on track to graduation. At City Year’s 24 urban locations across the United States and two international affiliates, teams of highly-trained corps members serve full-time in schools as
tutors, mentors and role models. By focusing on attendance, behavior and course performance, which identify students who are at risk of dropping out, corps members are uniquely able to help students and schools succeed.

Beginning each day before the first school bell rings and staying until the last child leaves the after-school program;
you’ll serve students, schools and communities through:
• Academic Support: Provide one-on-one or small group tutoring before, during and after school
• Attendance and Positive Behavior Encouragement: Lead energetic morning greetings, make
attendance and positive phone calls to home, lead mentor groups
• Community and School Improvements: Organize and lead activities, celebrations and projects to improve the community and school environment
Team-based service is at the heart of City Year. You will be assigned to a diverse team of 8-15 young adults and you will serve with that team for the duration of the year.
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Through City Year, you’ll gain valuable skills and knowledge that will accelerate your career and education, no matter what path.
• Career and Education Opportunities
o Eligibility for exclusive scholarships to dozens of colleges and universities
o Access to online career resource center
o Networking opportunities with more than 15,000 alumni
• Leadership Skills
o Leadership training and development
o Project management and communication skills
o Civic knowledge
• Benefits
o Living stipend
o $5,550 AmeriCorps Education Award
o Federal student loan forbearance
o Health insurance
o Uniform
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