About Me

My name is Lauren Carter. I am originally from the Champaign area. I’m 21. Not really sure¬†what all I’m supposed to put here.

I’m a junior in atmospheric sciences. It’s super math and physics intensive, but I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I originally wanted to go pre-pharm but when I sat down to write the entrance essay about why I wanted to do pre-pharm, I couldn’t think of any reason other than money. So, I looked up other options and found atmospheric science. I was on the fence at first, but fell in love after taking ATMS 120. I am starting research on convective bands in hurricane eye-walls. I want to get my master’s (hopefully in Hawaii) and work in the private sector.

I’ve been out of the country twice before: China in summer of ’09 through the People to People Student Ambassadors Program and Spain over new years ’10-’11 through my Spanish IV class at my high school. Both were the most amazing experiences of my life and I’m excited to add Costa Rica to them!

The way I found out about this trip was through the mass email sent to all of the School of ESE. I thought for sure I was all set with classes for the semester and then this kind of just fell in my lap. I’m super excited it did, though. My whole reason for coming to UIUC was to study abroad and I haven’t had the chance to do it yet, so hopefully there will be more trips like this one!