The format for all papers submitted to and published by the Illini Journal of International Security (IJOIS) must follow the Chicago Manual of Style 17th Edition (CMOS). While the style itself elaborates on most aspects of paper format in detail, there are some optional components of the style. These optional components, in addition to other important guidelines which are not mentioned in CMOS, have been standardized for IJOIS. Those details are below along with links to both the CMOS official website and the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) website. Both of these websites are very helpful in determining proper CMOS citation format amongst other things. Finally, many universities offer institutional access to the full CMOS online. For students of UIUC, the link to access the guide through our Library’s website is also below.

Note: If there is an aspect of paper formatting, citation, etc. that is not explicitly outlined below, all authors are expected to defer to the guidelines of CMOS. If those guidelines state that the aspect of the paper in question is optional, at the discretion of the author, or not mentioned at all, please contact the Editorial Board at for guidance.

CMOS Website
Purdue OWL Website
Sample paper direct link
Directions: First, click on the first link provided titled “Online Version of Chicago Manual of Style.” Next, click “Go” next to “Online Full Text.” Login with your NetID and you will be directed to the CMOS website. Click on Contents for an easily navigable full version of CMOS.

IJOIS Standardized CMOS Guidelines:

Font: Times New Roman, 12 pt
Margins: 1 inch all sides
Citations: CMOS offers two options for citation format. IJOIS has adopted the Notes and Bibliography option. Refer to CMOS and/or Purdue OWL for details.
Headings: CMOS does not offer a distinct heading plan. IJOIS requires all authors to follow the five level Turabian heading guide. Details on this format along with an example can be found at the link below under the section title “Turabian Subheading Plan”
Heading format link

Other Notes and Guidelines:

All papers must be a minimum of 10 pages in length excluding title page, abstract, images, graphs, and bibliography. Depending on frequency of citation, space taken up by footnotes will also be considered.
Author Biographical Note: All IJOIS authors will be required to send in a brief, 100 word maximum, biographical note. This note should be written in the third person and provide necessary descriptive information such as institution, major, international security interests, etc.

Copyright: Please refrain from using photos, graphs, information, etc. of someone else without permission. If using a graph, photo, or information is a necessity, please try to contact the owner(s) about obtaining the rights to use the material. If no owner(s) can be reached or found, please try to find something in free use. Wiki Commons is a good outlet for such material. A good practice for graphs is to derive your own graph based on another’s data presented in their paper and cite that paper as the source of your graph stating “graph derived from blank’s data presented in: blank.”