What is an HDFS 450 Internship?

  • Are you interested in working at a social service agency or community organization?
  • Do you want to work with adults, children, adolescents, or families?
  • Would you like to apply what you are learning to real world situations?
  • Would you like to develop you professional and leadership skills?

If so, an HDFS 450 internship could be a great experience for you.  You create your own learning plan while functioning at a professional level in a community service organization.   The class that you take during this internship will support you with being successful with your internship as well as how to apply the skills you learn in the future.  Get an overview of HDFS 450, read what previous interns have said, see placement posters from 2016, and see what kinds of internships are available and how to register.

There will be a mandatory information meeting in January 2018 (details will follow), but feel free to contact the instructor (Dr. Ebata) if you would like more information.