What is it like to be an intern?

Read the comments and watch the video below to learn what it was like to be an intern and what interns learned from this experience.

Entering a new situation, I was unsure of what exactly my role was suppose to be, and I was very nervous about potentially messing up.  However, as the semester continued, I developed a stronger sense of self- confidence.  I began to ask more questions, do more, and participate in a wider range of activities.  As I started to do more, I realized that I was competent, I could do well, and my self-confidence increased.  I became more assertive within the workplace.

This has been an extremely rewarding experience for me that helped me grow both as an individual and a professional.  Being an introverted person, I tend to sit back and allow others to take the lead.  Because I was “just an intern”, I did not believe that anything I had to say was of any relevance.  As I continued I began to express myself and to do so with more ease.

It differed from my original expectations but it was an eye-opening opportunity that I am extremely grateful I was able to grow from.  Since I began my practicum, I have been exposed to a variety of experiences that have truly shaped not only my career path, but my personal development as well.  Along the way I have noticed changes within myself including the development of personal qualities such as as my ability to empathize has increased along with my tolerance and patience.  The internship forced me to take of advantage of those qualities and improve upon them.

Hear one intern talk about her experience in the video below (you can skip to Kristen at 3:35).