The Gadway Lab is a team of experimental physics researchers focused on developing new methods for exploring and harnessing physical phenomena. Many of our efforts are focused on studying novel transport phenomena related to how things – particles, spin, information, energy – propagate in lattice-like systems. We’re also interested in utilizing many-particle quantum systems of atoms and molecules for applications in quantum sensing and quantum information science.

Atomic quantum gases

This project uses the simple tools of atom optics to engineer tunable models describing neutral atoms hopping on a lattice of momentum modes. The flexibility of this spectroscopic approach to engineering model systems allows us to study a wide range of phenomena related to topology, disorder, and interactions. Our interests on this project include:

Neutral atom arrays

This project, in collaboration with the Covey group, seeks to use arrays of potassium-39 atoms trapped in individual optical tweezers for applications in analog quantum simulation and quantum information science. Our interests on this project include:

Polar molecules

This project, in collaboration with the DeMarco group, aims to create ground state molecules of sodium-rubidium for use in applications related to quantum information science and quantum sensing. Our interests on this project include:

Synthetic mechanical metamaterials

This project uses approaches inspired by synthetic lattice techniques in quantum systems to engineer tunable mechanical metamaterials featuring non-reciprocity, interactions, and novel connectivities. More information coming soon.