Course Description

Course Details

Course: EURO 596 Special Topics in EU Studies
Course Supervisor:
Matt Rosenstein
Location: 1032 Foreign Languages Building or as noted on course schedule below
Fridays 12:00 – 12:50pm

Course Background

This is an interdisciplinary, seminar-based course designed to introduce students to the transatlantic relationship by providing a series of expert lectures offered by University of Illinois faculty and visiting speakers. The topics will address US and EU global leadership on issues of climate change, democratic governance and institutions, conflict management and peacekeeping, cultural and national identities and languages, and food security. The course will feature perspectives from diverse disciplines, cutting across the social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences. The common theme uniting the lectures/discussions will be how the European Union and the United States, through their transatlantic partnership, address emergent issues in an increasingly interconnected world.

Student Blog Articles

As part of the course, students were assigned to write articles based on the topics covered by course lectures (see below). These articles were then posted to the EU Center’s blog to further public discussion about the important issues they addressed.

Access the Focal Point blog articles here.

Course Schedule

Speaker & Topic
Aug 26
Matt Rosenstein, course introduction
1032 FLB
Sep 2
A. Bryan Endres, EU Center Director and Associate Professor of Agricultural Law, University of Illinois. “EU-US Comparative Food Law.” (video)
1032 FLB
Sep 9
Gregor van der Beek, EU Center Visiting Scholar. “A Comparison of Fiscal Integration and Centralization in the EU and USA.” (public lecture)
Lucy Ellis Lounge, 1080 FLB
Sep 13
5:00 pm
*note special meeting time/day this weekSteven Hill, columnist and author of Europe’s Promise. “Europe or America or China: Which Has the Better Development Model for the 21st Century?” (public lecture) (video)
Lucy Ellis Lounge, 1080 FLB
Sep 23
Elizabeth Radziszewski, EU Center Visiting Scholar. “From Social Dynamics to Individual Support for the EU.” (public lecture) (video)
Lucy Ellis Lounge, 1080 FLB
Sep 30
Paul Diehl, Henning Larsen Professor of Political Science. “EU Peacekeeping.” (video)
1032 FLB
Oct 7
Robert Pahre, Professor of Political Science. Topic: US and EU environmental policies.
1032 FLB
Oct 14
Torsten H. Fransson, Professor of Heat and Power Technology, KTH. “Implementing Clean Energy Goals in the EU” (video)
Lucy Ellis Lounge, 1080 FLB
Oct 21
Julie Cidell, Assistant Professor of Geography. “Urban Sustainability and the EU” (video)
1032 FLB
Oct 27
3:00 pm
*note special meeting time/day this weekThomas Schnöll, Consul General of Austria. “Transatlantic Relations: Prospects for Advancing Cooperation.” (public lecture) (video)
Levis Faculty Center
Nov 4
Zsuzsanna Fagyal, Associate Professor of French Linguistics. “Implementing M+2: Multilingual Education in the EU.” (video)
1032 FLB
Nov 11
David S. Bullock, Professor of Agricultural and Consumer Economics. “Comparing Agricultural Policy in the EU and US.” (public lecture) (video)
Lucy Ellis Lounge, 1080 FLB
Nov 18
No class. Students should attend another speaking event relevant to the EU and/or Transatlantic relations and notify the instructor about which event they are attending. The EU Center publicizes upcoming events on our web calendar and through our listserv and e-Weekly electronic newsletter.
Nov 25
No class. (Thanksgiving Break)
Dec 2
Maciej Pisarski, Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Poland. “Implications of the Polish Presidency of the EU for Europe and Transatlantic Affairs.” (public lecture) (video)
Alice Campbell Alumni Center Ballroom