These weeks we are having fun experience in Campus Fab lab.

What we have played with(like stitching,lazer cutting&Arduino) are a great demonstration of how the maker movement has been propelled on very corner.

Firstly, two weeks ago, my job was doing arduino stuff, which I’s posted on this site:

It’s our “strong friend”, you guys remember? lol4head



And last week, we were doing stitching. Honestly, I didn’t find that interesting to me. However, after seeing what you guys made, I realized that was just my shallowness.I can still remember the stitching machine used by my grandma. She doesn’t have digital aided software at her time which made her work last long for a whole day to complete while we are able to finish this in a few minutes.

Do compare my work with yours,lol:



Merely a wolf silhouette:(


Finally this week, we are playing with Lazer(Fire)



Mr.wolf!!! again:)

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