Officer Positions

List of Positions

A. President.

The president is responsible for chairing the DI governing body and for facilitating the continued smooth running of administrative efforts. The president shall offer support and guidance to the other officers and chairs and attempt to further club interests in the community.

B. Vice President.

The Vice President shall assume the powers and responsibilities of the President in the event of the President’s absence or incapacity. The vice president shall also provide administrative support as needed to other members of the DI governing body and will facilitate the continued welfare of the club. If there is no social chair the Vice President shall coordinate the duties of the social chair and/or appoint event specific minions.

C. Treasurer.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for all financial matters relating to Dancing Illini business. With input from the other officers and chairpersons, the treasurer shall develop and maintain a club budget and be responsible for club adherence to it.

D. Secretary.

The Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining a schedule for the DI governing body. This includes scheduling and announcing General meetings, officers’ meetings, votes, and coordinating the official documentation from all meetings. The secretary shall also be responsible for offering various administrative supports, including keeping track of all the space requests. If there is no PR chair the secretary shall coordinate or assume the PR chair duties.

E. Education Chair.

The Education Chair shall be responsible for all aspects of organizing dance classes and practices, manage space requests, and for setting a course curriculum based on decisions made jointly by the officers and chairpersons. The Education Chair shall also be responsible for all aspects of Dancing Illini workshops on and off of campus. The education chair shall offer support to the other officers and if there is no teaching chair the education chair shall coordinate or assume the teaching chair duties.

F. Social Chair.

The Social Chair shall be responsible providing dance and non-dance social activities for the club. The Social Chair is also responsible for maintaining the DI music library. The Social Chair shall offer support to the other officers when needed.

G. Public Relations Chair.

The Public Relations Chair (PR Chair) is responsible for items that involve the interaction between the Dancing Illini (DI) and the general public. This includes creating and facilitating publicity campaigns for club activities and responding to club emails. The PR chair shall offer support to the other officers and if there is no secretary the PR chair shall coordinate or assume the secretary duties.

H. Teaching Chair.

The Teaching Chair shall be responsible for training and recruitment of Dancing Illini instructors and TA’s. The teaching chair shall also conduct course surveys to evaluate DI course and instructor efficacy. The teaching chair shall offer support to the other officers, and if there is no education chair the teaching chair shall coordinate or assume the education chair duties.

I. Webmaster

The webmaster shall maintain and update the official DI website.

J. Car-pool Coordinator

The car-pool coordinator shall facilitate communication between club members for rides to club events.

K. Partnership Chair

Partnership Chair creates partnerships with other existing dance clubs on campus so that Dancing Illini Club can work with them for dance workshops as well as encouraging their members to join our Club. Partnership Chair is responsible for promoting outreach events involving advertising on the webite, co-hosting events with other dance clubs and encouraging people who are not in the dance community to join.

L. Music Coordinator

Music Coordinator updates and maintains the Dancing Illini music library, which includes the physical hard drive and the Spotify account.

M. Social Network Chair

Social Network Chair shall be responsible for the Dancing Illini social network accounts and postings, such as Facebook and Twitter. The Social Network Chair shall assist and back up the PR Chair when needed.

N. General Officers

General officers act as a supporting role to all officers when needed.