Scholarship Funds-Reimbursement

Scholarship Stipend, Tuition and Fees

ICSSP undergraduate and graduate participants receive generous annual stipends. This stipend will be given in two installments at the start of fall and spring terms. Stipends will be given to participants within 3 weeks after the start of each semester. Stipends are to assist participants with their room and board costs each semester and education supplies.

The funds from the scholarship that are for tuition and fees will be paid directly the university. Participants need to notify the Office of Student Financial Aid that they have received this scholarship.

Requesting Assistance with Purchases, Travel Arrangements, or Reimbursements

ICSSP Participants will receive a yearly stipend for professional development and travel to be used within a one-year time frame (e.g., August 2021-August 2022). This can cover additional cybersecurity-related professional development that is not required by the ICSSP program.

You must let us make purchases and book travel for you (i.e., you may not make purchases out-of-pocket and then request reimbursement). This ensures that any expenditure is made according to university policy. Please follow the guidelines below when making requests for travel arrangements, purchases, or reimbursements.

Funds are only available while you are enrolled as an ICSSP scholar. For example, if there is a conference you want to attend in August, but you are graduating or leaving the program in May, you cannot use your travel funds for this purpose.

Please note: International travel is not allowed.

University Travel

When you would like for us to book travel arrangements for you, please collect the following information and submit it to the ICSSP program coordinator (at least 3-4 weeks in advance of all travel is preferred):

  1. Please complete the ICSSP Travel Form.
  2. Forward approval from Masooda Bashir.
  3. If attending a conference or a meeting, please include a link to the conference website or email showing meeting arrangements.
  4. Link to conference registration so that we may pay for the conference for you.
  5. Provide a complete itinerary for the travel.
  6. Your reservation # or record locator (please remember that these usually expire after 24 hours).
    • If you are flying with an airline that does not allow you to put a flight on hold for future purchase, then please provide Dawn with your full name (as it appears on your travel document id – driver’s license or passport), contact phone number, DOB, and the detailed flight information.
  7. Hotel information (we will pay with University credit card if possible): Please note that if you are attending a conference you should stay at the conference hotel.

Once you have provided the above information, we will create an ITI travel request for you. We will request proxy from you in our travel request system.  You will be notified by email and asked to approve or decline the proxy request.

Seeking Reimbursement for Travel

Upon your return, please be sure to submit all of your receipts right away. Original receipts are required for reimbursement.  You can read more about allowable travel expenses on the University OBFS website.

You do not need to turn in food receipts because you will receive meal per diem based on the dates and times of travel and any meals provided by the conference or meeting organizers.  Per diem is not allowed on travel that does not involve an overnight stay.


It is preferred that you allow us to make purchases on your behalf. If you have a professional development expense you want us to pay for, please give the ICSSP Program Coordinator the link to the item, approval from Masooda Bashir, and justification for how the purchase qualifies as professional development.