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Apply for a scholarship beginning Fall 2023!

The application forms are now available. Applications are due March 31, 2023.

Undecided whether to apply? See the ICSSP site’s home page for three video testimonials from ICSSP scholarship recipients.


This merit scholarship is available to undergraduate and graduate UIUC students. The goal of the scholarship is to increase the national workforce in the field of cybersecurity and to place graduates in federal agencies, national labs, and state, local, and tribal government organizations.

To be eligible to apply, you must be:

*Security clearances, and many federal agencies, require U.S. citizenship. It is the recipient’s responsibility to attain such a position in state, local, tribal or territorial governments given these limitations.


  1. I am an international student. May I apply for the ICSSP program?

No, international students are not eligible for the ICSSP program. ICSSP is a National Science Foundation Scholarship for Service opportunity and is open only to US citizens and permanent residents.

  1. I am interested in cybersecurity. Is ICSSP a cybersecurity degree program at UIUC?

No, ICSSP is a scholarship program, not a standalone degree program. You must be admitted to a full-time undergraduate or graduate program on the UIUC campus to be eligible for an ICSSP scholarship. The University has excellent undergraduate and graduate programs in which many students focus on cybersecurity. More resources may be found at the links below:

  1. Should I upload my letters of recommendation with my application?

No, do not upload the letters. Please provide your references’ contact information (i.e., e-mail addresses) in your application. We will reach out to your references for the letters of recommendation.