Welcome to Commons Knowledge, a blog where the experts and Graduate Assistants of the Scholarly Commons at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign share expertise and resources to help you with your research projects, course assignments, professional work, and more.

The Scholarly Commons is a unit of the University of Illinois Library and opened in August 2010 to serve the emerging needs of faculty, researchers and graduate students pursuing in-depth research and scholarly inquiry. We connect the Illinois community and beyond to a wide variety of experts and curate a suite of services, space, and technology in support of digital, data-driven and interdisciplinary forms of scholarly inquiry.

This blog serves are part of our mission to provide continuing education about the latest software, technology, and trends in scholarly research and the information sciences. We also…

  • Collaborate and consult with campus partners and experts from the Library, including subject liaison librarians, who bring deep disciplinary expertise to co-learning the design and implementation of digital projects
  • Teach digital scholarship methods intended to empower and equip researchers to: make informed choices between methods; learn best practices; explore the application of technologies and experiment with support from experts
  • Build cross-disciplinary community around scholarly inquiry by hosting events, supporting instructors using digital methods, and providing other networking and learning opportunities
  • Provide technology-rich and flexible spaces where researchers can experiment with digital tools, collaborate, network, get help with their course projects and research, and present their work

Questions about our services? Looking for help with your research? Send us an email at sc@library.illinois.edu and we can connect you to resources and campus experts to best help you with you research needs.

We invite you to explore with us!