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Below you can find global resources related to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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COVID-19 Lessons from Germany

Germany’s effective, science-driven response to COVID-19 is a model for countries around the world. But as life returns to normal for many Germans this week, Chancellor Merkel says the country is still on the “thinnest of ice” in addressing the pandemic. The Wall Street Journal’s Bojan Pancevski joins Deep Dish from Berlin to examine Germany’s reopening strategy. Listen to the audio recording HERE.

COVID-19: Magnifying the World’s Inequities

The Wilson Center and EMD Serono, a business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany hosted this event focused on the gender and race implications of COVID-19 with experts on topics around women and work, caregiving, gender-based violence, racism and sexism in healthcare, access to sexual and reproductive health services, pregnancy, the context of humanitarian settings, the female-led workforce of nurses and midwives, and the role and experience of men and boys during the current pandemic. Watch the video recording HERE.

National Security Implications of the COVID-19 Crisis: The Urgent Need to Build State Capacity

CGS faculty affiliate, Cynthia Buckley (Professor of Sociology, University of Illinois), along with her colleagues Ralph Clem (Emeritus Professor of Geography and Senior Fellow at the Stephen J. Green School of International and Public Affairs, Florida International University) and Erik Herron (Eberly Family Professor of Political Science, West Virginia University), has recently published “National Security Implications of the COVID-19 Crisis: The Urgent Need to Build State Capacity” on the Minerva Research Initiative’s blog, Owl in the Olive Tree. Read it HERE.

Pandemics in Historical Context

As we all shelter in place and practice social distancing, we are also moved to deepen our understanding of how COVID-19 fits into earlier pandemics in human history, and how our medical and governmental measures, social practices, coping mechanisms, ideas, and cultural productions compare with how people in other regions and times dealt with earlier pandemics. CGS provides a selection of public talks by some of the most innovative historians working on plagues and pandemics:

Anthropologists on COVID-19

This webpage provides resources to research related to the current COVID-19 pandemic collected by anthropologists. One anthropologist and CGS advisory board member, Dr. Helaine Silverman traced the historical roots of the COVID-19 quarantine measures to the 1665 Eyam plague mitigation efforts in this PowerPoint presentation.


Rahm Emanuel on Cities in the Age of Pandemics – Chicago Council on Global Affairs

Cities are a crucial point at which public health policy meets the reality on the ground. From canceling gatherings to enforcing shelter-in-place orders and announcing relief packages, cities around the world are currently on the frontline in responding to COVID-19. In some countries, national governments have coordinated a centralized response between cities. In the United States, the government has taken a more decentralized approach, leaving mayors and governors to take the lead in mitigating the impacts of the pandemic. As cities and local governments face increasing risks of outbreaks in the future, what resources do they have to prepare for pandemics and safeguard the lives and livelihoods of the most vulnerable? Two-term Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel joins Council President Ivo Daalder to share his insights into the challenges facing cities in the age of pandemics. Watch the video HERE.

Global Food Security Challenges in the Era of COVID-19 – Chicago Council on Global Affairs

COVID-19 has had large scale impacts on the global food system, affecting everything from supply chains and markets to agriculture production and the labor force. Sara Menker of Gro Intelligence and Sanjeev Krishnan of S2G Ventures join Laura Reiley of The Washington Post digitally to examine the current situation. In the face of system shocks, how are companies responding to the rising consumer demand and what are the lasting impacts? Their discussion can be found HERE.

Anthropological Reflections on the Coronavirus Pandemic with Dr. Adia Benton
Northwestern University researcher Adia Benton discussed topics central to the COVID-19 pandemic in a webinar hosted by Northwestern’s Roberta Buffett Institute for Global Affairs. The webinar raised provocative questions related to what is and isn’t known about COVID-19 and its transmission dynamics, as well as the implications of the response to COVID-19 for various forms of governance and our global society, writ large. Click HERE to watch.