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Psychology Research at Illinois
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Department of Psychology – Partial listing of labs

Behavioral Neuroscience Division
Uddin Research Group – Dr. Monica Uddin
The Gulley Neuropsychopharmacology Lab – Dr. Joshua Gulley
Dr. Janice Juraska
Dr. Nu-Chu Liang
Dr. Robert Wickesberg

Cognitive Neuroscience Division
Social, Cognitive, Personality, and Emotional Neuroscience Lab (SCoPE/Dolcos Lab) – Dr. Florin Dolcos
Cognition and Brain Lab -Dr. Kara D. Federmeier
The Rhodes Laboratory – Dr. Justin Rhodes
Decision Neuroscience Lab – Dr. Aron Barbey
Memory Systems Lab – Dr. Neal Cohen
Attention and Perception Lab – Dr. Diane Beck
Control & Network Connectivity Team (CONNECT-Lab) – Dr. Sepideh Sadaghiani
Cognitive Neuroimaging Lab – Dr. Monica Fabiani and Dr. Gabriele Gratton

Cognitive Division
Human Memory and Cognition Laboratory – Dr. Aaron Benjamin
Cognition and Brain Lab -Dr. Kara D. Federmeier
Relational Reasoning Laboratory – Dr. John Hummel
Language Production Lab – Dr. Gary Dell
Memory and Forgetting in Context Lab – Dr. Lili Sahakyan

Clinical/Community Division
Cognitive & Affective Neuroscience of Psychopathology (CANOPY) Lab – Dr. Wendy Heller
Todd Research Lab – Dr. Nathan Todd
The Community and Systems Change Team – Dr. Nicole Allen
Cultural Heritage and Racial Identity Lab – Dr. Carla Hunter
Alcohol Research Lab – Dr. Catharine Fairbairn
Systematically Translating Etiology into Preventative Practices (STEPP) Lab – Dr. Joe Cohen
Project on Life Experiences (PLE) Lab – Dr. Tom Kwapil
Youth, Emotion, Development, and Intervention (YEDI) Lab – Dr. Benjamin Hankin
Dr. Howard Berenbaum
Personal Relationships, Interpersonal Stress and Mindfulness (PRISM) Lab – Dr. Heidemarie Laurent
Dr. Mark Aber

Developmental Division
Language Acquisition Lab – Dr. Cynthia Fisher
Brain and Cognitive Development Lab – Dr. Dan Hyde
Infant Cognition Laboratory – Dr. Renée Baillargeon
Center for Parent-Child Studies – Dr. Eva Pomerantz
The Family Studies Lab – Dr. Karen Rudolph

Vision Cognition and Human Performance Division
Vision Lab – Dr. Alejandro Lleras and Dr. Simona Buetti
Simons Lab (Visual Cognition Laboratory) – Dr. Daniel Simons
Attention and Perception Lab – Dr. Diane Beck
Relational Perception and Thinking Laboratory – Dr. John Hummel
Spatial Cognition Lab – Dr. Ranxiao Frances Wang
Dr. David Irwin

Quantitative Division
Regenwetter Decision Making Laboratory – Dr. Michel Regenwetter
Chang Lab – Dr. Hua-Hua Chang
Quant Lab – Dr. Hans-Friedrich Koehn
Wang Lab – Dr. Yongmei Michelle Wang

Social-Personality Division
The EPIC Lab: Etiology of Personality and Individual Differences – Dr. Jamie Derringer
The Culture and Social Behavior Lab – Dr. Dov Cohen
Social Action Lab – Dr. Dolores Albarracin
Personality Assessment and Development Lab – Dr. Brent Roberts
Dr. Dan Briley
Attachment, Close Relationships and Personality Lab – Dr. R. Chris Fraley
Morality and Social Cognition (MASC) Lab – Dr. Sean Laurent
Leadership, Competition & Collaboration Lab – Dr. Joey Cheng
Dr. Chadly Stern
Psychology and Law Lab – Dr. Andrea Miller

Industrial-Organizational Division
Dr. Daniel Newman
Dr. Fritz Drasgow
Dr. Jim Rounds