Fall 2018 Special Topics Courses

FA18 Special Topics Courses
The following special topics courses are offered in Fall 2018 and may be of interest to some Psychology majors. Please review the course descriptions and pay attention to any prerequisites and/or restrictions listed in the Class Schedule.

Special Topics Courses in Psychology
PSYC 336 Topics in Clinical/Community Psychology
The Self in Virtual Communities CH (Carla Hunter)
Stress and Health HML (Heidemarie Laurent)
Stress and Resiliency in Childhood JC (Joe Cohen)

PSYC 396 Intermediate Current Topics in Psychology
Intelligence and the Brain AB (Aron Barbey)
The Psychology of Politics CS (Chadly Stern)
Social Neuroscience SD(Sanda Dolcos)
Neuropsychology and Neuroanatomy SSF (Sepideh Sadaghiani)

PSYC 496 Advanced Current Topics in Psychology
Critical Thinking in Neuroimaging GG (Gabrielle Gratton)
Intro to Facilitating Intergroup Dialogue Processes ID3 (Ross Wantland)
Practical Issues in Cognitive Control Research and Network Neuroscience SF1 (Sepideh Sadaghiani)

Special Topics Courses in Other Departments
Asian American Studies

AAS 299 Immigrant Women Labor
AAS 390 Queer of Color Film

Agricultural and Biological Engineering
ABE 199 CHP Water in the Global Environment
Restricted to Chancellor’s Scholars – CHP Honors

Agricultural and Consumer Economics
ACE 199 FAP Development of Food and Agricultural Policy
ACE 199 SPS Introduction to Sales

African American Studies
AFRO 398 WP Hip Hop & Social Entrepreneurs

 Agricultural Eduction
AGED 199 JS Personal and Social Impact

Applied Health Sciences
AHS 199 JSM James Scholar Undergraduate Mentor
Restricted to James Scholars
AHS 199 VT2 Career Development for Military Connected Students
Restricted to Veteran students
AHS 199 VT3 Rally Point
Restricted to Veteran students
AHS 199 VT Veterans Leadership & Transition
Restricted to Veteran students
AHS 399 CHA Health, Aging & Disability Independent Project

ANTH 372 JD Digital Domain Anthropology Sci & Tech
ANTH 372 KS Talking Race and Racism(s)
ANTH 399 AO Economy, Business, and Society
ANTH 399 JT3 Fascism, Religion, America
ANTH 399 KM Activist Anthropology
ANTH 399 PJ1 Mentoring & Leadership in Biological Bases of Human Behavior
Instructor approval required
ANTH 499 JB1 Evolution & Immune System
ANTH 499 JB Functional Genomics Lab
ANTH 499 JM Ethnography of Policing
ANTH 499 JT4 Fascism, Religion, America

ARCH 199 DAH Daylighting: Architecture & Health

ARTD 199 JHI Japan House Internship
Students must apply
ARTD 299 KG Ikebana, Japanese Flower Arranging

Art History
ARTH 299 L Ancient Roman Architecture

ARTS 299 M1 Rings
ARTS 299 VC Fashion Illustration
ARTS 405 UG Book Arts & Ink
ARTS 445 NM1 Art and Place

ASTR 199 CIA Careers in Astronomy
Restricted to ASTR majors and minors

BIOE 199 FCR Frontiers in Cancer Research
Restricted to First-Time Freshman students

Business and Technical Writing
BTW 490 1U Web Development and Social Media Management

Community Health
CHLH 199 B Campus Acquaintance Rape Education (CARE)
CHLH 199 IRS Introduction to Rehabilitation Sciences
CHLH 199 R2 Disability in Popular Culture
CHLH 494 CTU Counseling Techniques for Health Professionals
CHLH 494 RGU Trauma, Diversity, and Resilience
CHLH 494 WRU Technology, Health, and Aging

Campus Honors Program
CHP 199 1-5 Honors Uncommon
All sections restricted to Honors LLC
CHP 395 B America & the War in Iraq
CHP 395 C Ecological Criticism
All sections of CHP 395 restricted to Chancellor’s Scholars/Campus Honors Program students. A full list of CHP courses is available at https://honors.illinois.edu/courses/.

CMN 396  1 Leadership Communication Theory and Practice
CMN 396  2A Organizational Communication and Diversity
CMN 396 3 Social Movements Communication
CMN 396 4 12 Speeches that Made America
CMN 396  5 Applied Organizational Communication
CMN 396 6 Risk Communication
CMN 396 7 Race, Class, Gender, and Work
CMN 496 JYU Political Campaign Analysis
CMN 496 MKU Communication & Culture

Computer Science
Please refer to the CS Wiki for information on registration and restrictions.
CS 199 125 Introduction to Pedagogy Practicum
CS 199 196 Pedagogy Practicum
CS 199 205 Problem Solving with Data Structures
CS 199 ACC Applied Cloud Computing
CS 199 EMP Even More Practice
Concurrent enrollment in CS 125 required
CS 199 US Underground Unicorn Seminar
Instructor approval required
CS 199 WAF 
POT B course for students who drop CS 225
CS 398 ID Introduction to Data Science
CS 498 AB1, AB2, AB3, AL 1 Digital Forensics
CS 498 AML Applied Machine Learning
CS 498 CD Cyber Dystopia
CS 498 DL3, DL4 Introduction to Deep Learning
CS 498 HS3 Social & Information Networks
CS 498 KA3 Experimental Methods for HCI
CS 498 MG3 Program Optimization
CS 498 MV3 Logic
CS 498 ST, ST3 Software Testing
CS 498 VR3 Virtual Reality
CS 498 WN3 Wireless Network Lab

Creative Writing
CW 202 D Introduction to Screenwriting

Comparative and World Literature
CWL 321 A Russian Writers – Solzhenitsyn
CWL 461 JP Designing and Programming Text-Based Games and Simulations
CWL 496 P Freud-Nietzsche-Kafka

East Asian Languages and Cultures
EALC 398 CIC Film Culture in Korea
EALC 398 D Gender & Women in China
EALC 398 DN International Relations of East Asia
EALC 398 GPP Recycling the Classics: A Multimedia History of Adaptation in Japanese Cultural History
EALC 398 RW History of Science, Technology, and Medicine in East Asia

ECON 199 I0 Economics Internship (0 hours)
ECON 199 I3 Economics Internship (3 hours)
ECON 490 A3 International Trade
ECON 490 B3 Financial Econometrics
ECON 490 C3 Social Welfare, Income Inequality, and the Role of Government
ECON 490 D3 Women in the Economy
ECON 490 F3 Employee Compensation and Incentives
ECON 490 G3 Economics of the Workplace
ECON 490 H3 Monetary Economics
ECON 490 I3 Game Theory
ECON 490 K3 Economics of Organizations
ECON 490 M3 Environmental Economics
ECON 490 Elective – various section #s (topics TBA, pending)

ENGL 119 P From Mordor to Gormenghast: Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and Peake’s Gormenghast
ENGL 199 CIP Career & Internship Fair Prep
ENGL 199 CP1, CP2 Career Planning for Humanities Majors
ENGL 199 INT Internship Seminar
ENGL 253 Q Topics in Literature & New Media (topic TBA)
ENGL 261 Q Black Girl Magic in Contemporary Culture (Black Women’s Literature & Film, 1970-Present)
ENGL 281 F The Archetypal Fallen Woman
ENGL 300 B Writing About Literary Texts & Culture
ENGL 300 C U.S. Women Modernists
ENGL 300 M Screen Adaptations
ENGL 310 F Unprotected Speech: What We Can and Cannot ay or Write, and Why
ENGL 325 D Topics in LGBT Literature & Film
ENGL 373 G Xenophobia in Film
ENGL 373 R Sexuality & Cinema
ENGL 396 Q Audiences for Shakespeare
Departmental approval required
ENGL 396 Z1 Speculative Futures
Departmental approval required
ENGL 455 1U Audre Lorde
ENGL 475 1U Literature, Medicine, Ecology

Educational Psychology
EPSY 203 Social Issues Group Dialogues (topics TBA)

European Union Studies
EURO 199 CEU Challenges Facing the European Union

Fine & Applied Arts
FAA 199 SC SOFA Connect
FAA 499 SC SOFA Connect

Food Science & Human Nutrition
FSHN 199 FER Introduction to Fermentation
FSHN 199 OBE Science of Obesity
FSHN 199 TMB Hot Topics in Sports Nutrition
FSHN 499 HHP Hispanic Health Promotion

Grand Challenge Learning
124, 126, 128, 143, 146, 148, 185, 186, 188, and 195 (various topics) are open to students with Freshman or Sophomore standing. Each meets at least one general education requirement.
GCL 199 A, B Introduction to Public Humanities 
Restricted to students with Freshman or Sophomore standing. GCL 199 does not meet any general education requirements.


GER 496 P Freud – Nietzsche – Kafka

Global Studies
GLBL 199 A AACC Internship
GLBL 199 B Intercultural Horizons Internship

Gender and Women’s Studies
GWS 395 NP Prison, Race, and Terror

HIST 199 A Career Planning for History Majors
HIST 200 A The Atlantic World: Slavery, Disease, and Society
HIST 200 B Music in History
HIST 203 A Reacting to the Past  (topic TBA)
HIST 300  Between China and the World
HIST 395  A Topics in Law and Society (topic TBA)

HORT 199 SRH The Intelligent Behavior of Plants

HUM 395 A1 Feminism, Bioethics, and Biopolitics

Integrative Biology
IB 299 D Foundations in Scientific Research
IB 299 KS Introduction to Research
Application required

INFO 490 B Makerspace
INFO 490 JP Designing and Programming Text-Based Games

Information Sciences
IS 490 DB, DB2, DBO Introduction to Databases
IS 490 GI Geographic Information Systems
IS 490 IS Fundamentals of Information Security
IS 490 TEO Introduction to Technology in LIS
IS 490 YSO Youth Services Community Engagement

ITAL 199 D Enemies of Democracy: Fascism, Anti-Fascism, Neo-Fascism 

JOUR 460 AC Arts Criticism
JOUR 460 VP Basic Video Production
JOUR 460 WJ Women in Journalism

Jewish Studies
JS 199 RH1 Israeli Cinema

KIN 199 IR1 Disability in Popular Culture
KIN 199 IRS Introduction to Rehabilitation Sciences
KIN 494 SAU Physical Activity & Diverse Populations

Latin American and Caribbean Studies
LAST 395 MV1 Life in the Andes

LING 490 A Topics in Computational Linguistics (LING 506 for Undergraduates)
LING 490 LS Computational Morphology
LING 490 RG Corpus Linguistics

Media and Cinema Studies
MACS 300 A Between China and the World
MACS 373 G Xenophobia in Film
MACS 373 R Bollywood Cinema
MACS 470 U3 Spaghetti Western

MATH 199 CHP Probability and the Real World
Restricted to Chancellor’s Scholars-CHP Honors
MATH 199 CS Foundations of Data Management
Restricted to First-Time Freshman students

Molecular & Cellular Biology
MCB 199 LLC Professions in Health Care
MCB 493 ECB Experimental Cell Biology
MCB 493 HMG Human Medical Genomics

MDIA 290 SC Sport Media Industry

MUS 199 GT1-GT5 Group Instruction Guitar
MUS 199 HH University of Illinois Hip Hop Collective
Requires application, consent of instructor
MUS 199 JM1 Introduction to African American Music
MUS 199 K Singing in Musical Theatre

PHYS 298 OWL You Will Learn To Do Remarkable Things
PHYS 498 CMP Computation in Physics
PHYS 498 QB Quantitative Biology

Political Science
PS 199 A1 Research Design
PS 300 A1 Feminism, Biothetics, and Biopolitics
PS 300 C Sustainability
PS 300 CL1 Eastern Europe and EU Integration
PS 300 DN1 International Relations of East Asia
PS 300 HR Human Rights
PS 377 A Money and Politics
PS 377 BM1 Justice in the Law 

Rehabilitation Counseling
REHB 199 IR1 Disability in Popular Culture
REHB 199 IRS Introduction to Rehabilitation Sciences

Recreation, Sports & Tourism
RST 199 A Management in RST
RST 199 MR CHAMP Student Athlete Seminar
Restricted to Athletic Association Grant-in-Aid recipients
RST 199 ONB Disability in RST
RST 199 SLW Coaching Wheelchair Basketball
RST 199 SS Sport & Sustainability
RST 199 ST Sport Tourism
RST 199 WS Sapora Symposium

RUSS 320 A Russian Writers – Solzhenitsyn

SLAV 399 A (topic TBA)
SLAV 452 B3 Polish Film

Literatures, Cultures, and Linguistics
SLCL 200 A Languages and Cultures of the Mediterranean 

SOC 396 EM Gender and Work
SOC 396 SKH Social Networks

Social Work
SOCW 199 E HEALS Seminar
SOCW 380 A Case Management Practice
SOCW 380 B Social Work & Disability Studies

SPAN 324 B Visual Culture of Colonial Spanish America
SPAN 326 B, F Beyond the Human: Animals in Latin American Culture

STAT 430 ID Introduction to Data Science
STAT 430 RB Foundations of Data Science

Technology Entrepreneurship
TE 398 CH Innovative Software Startups
TE 398 F Bootstrap to VC: Funding Startups
TE 398 PSC Innovation & Engineering Design
TE 398 WP Hip-Hop Entrepreneurship
TE 498 CKG Professional Leadership & Practice
TE 498 NJ1 iVenture Seminar/Topics in Engineering

THEA 199 AFT Women in Theatre from Africa
THEA 199 BD (topic TBA)
THEA 199 CT Currents in Contemporary Theatre
Restricted to Chancellor’s Scholars
THEA 199 SDS (topic TBA)
THEA 199 Z Improv Comedy
THEA 399 DRM African American Women in Theatre

Urban Planning
UP 199 KS Race and the Global City