Book Interview:
  • Interview published in the book “Convergence: The Redesign of Design,” by Randy Deutsch (AD, 2017)
Book Transfer:
  • Yi, Yun Kyu, Keyonhoi Lee and et.al. Book Trans. Chapter 2, in “The Design and Construction of High Performance Homes Building Envelopes, Renewable Energy and Integrated Practice,” ed. Franca Trubiano, (Seoul, 2015).
  • Yi, Yun Kyu and Yong Kyu Yi. “Illuminance Simulation System for Indoor Environment and Illuminance Simulating Method.” Patent Number 10-1420055. July 9, 2014. (Korea)
  • Yi, Yun Kyu and Hyungsub Kim. “Three-Dimensional Open View Ratio Calculation and Analyzing Method.” Patent Number 101670793. October 25, 2016. (Korea)
  • Yi, Yun Kyu and Hyungsub Kim. “Layout Method of Housing Development.” Patent Number 10-1396566. November 5, 2014. (Korea)
Creative Works (Exhibitions, Commissions, Competitions, Performances, Art or Architecture Executed):
  • Yi, Yun Kyu, “T. C. Chan Center for Building Simulation and Energy Studies Design Proposal for T.C. Chan center in Beijing China.” 2006.
  • Yi, Yun Kyu, and Matteis, “Competition for Sustain Building Design for Saudi Arabia.” 2003.