Reflection of a Semester Well Spent

Written by Odyssey Project student Sherry Wilson

When I was asked to do this paper this evening, I thought about all that I have experienced since coming to Urbana in July of this year. I am quite amazed that I made it through this semester. Same as in my personal life and in good standing at school. I’d like to take this opportunity to say congratulations to the Odyssey Program. I became aware of this program through a chance encounter at my doctor’s office when I picked up one of your brochures and the deadline had passed, but I submitted the application, and you accepted me. It truly was the best thing that could have happened to me at that moment in my life.

Being new to the Urbana Champaign area, an anchor is what I needed. Something that would provide me with a sense of stability and focus in my daily life.

Participating in this program gave me a reason to get up and get out of the house each day and explore my surroundings.  This program helped to encourage and enable me to become a part of something positive at a moment when that is what I needed most, to be around positive people and participating in new adventures. You accepted me as I was and encouraged me not be afraid to get it wrong. I thank you for that Ms. Michelle, Mr. Jorge, and Ms. Shelley. Because of your combined teaching methods, I was able to understand the lessons taught and the assignments given, which allowed me to complete my work in a timely fashion as well as enjoy being in the classroom with you and my fellow students. I know your job is challenging, but you made it seem seamless, fun and intriguing every step of the way. Thank you, job well done.

I feel that I have surpassed the goals that I initially set for myself at the beginning of this program. I’ve made friends, improved my writing skills, ventured out and explored new places, reclaimed some of my favorite things to do. I am learning how to use the programs on my tablet (there is more work to be done here, LOL) and I am very proud to have completed this part of my return to school. My dream has become a reality and I have the Odyssey Program to thank for providing the tools and the funding that I need to start living my dream. Again, thank you to everyone who makes this program possible.