Theory Seminar – Spring 2020

Theory Seminar (Spring 2020)

Theory seminar meets weekly on Mon at 10-11 am in room 3403.

To receive updates, subscribe to the theorycs mailing list. If you are interested in giving a talk please email:

  • Vasilis Livanos (livanos3 [at] illinois [dot] edu)
  • Manuel Torres (manuelt2 [at] illinois [dot] edu)


February 3. Pravesh Kothari
List-Decodable Linear Regression

February 10. No talk.

February 17. Sariel Har-Peled
Some Geometric Applications of Anti-Chains

February 24. Nathan Ju
Average-Case Quantum Advantage with Shallow Circuits (by François Le Gall)

March 2. Bhaskar Ray Chaudhury
On Fair Division of Indivisible Goods

March 9. No talk.

March 16. Spring break.

March 23. No talk.

March 30. Mohammed El-Kebir
Sampling and Summarizing Transmission Trees with Multi-strain Infections

April 6. Robert Andrews
Algebraic Derandomization in Low Characteristic

April 13. Kesav Krishnan
Abelian Networks I. Foundations and Examples

April 20. Caleb Ju
Parallel Approximate Undirected Shortest Paths via Low Hop Emulators

April 27. Yipu Wang
Neuromorphic advantages for constrained shortest path algorithms

May 4. Chandra Chekuri
Proof of the Matrix Chernoff bound