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Primary Faculty

  • Photo of Timothy Chan
    Timothy Chan
    Computational Geometry, Algorithms, Data Structures
  • Photo of Karthik Chandrasekaran
    Karthik Chandrasekaran
    Combinatorial Optimization, Integer Programming, Probabilistic Methods and Analysis, Randomized Algorithms
  • Photo of Chandra Chekuri
    Chandra Chekuri
    Approximation Algorithms, Combinatorial Optimization
  • Photo of Payam Delgosha
    Payam Delgosha
    Applied Probability, Information Theory, Game Theory, Machine Learning, Quantum Information Theory
  • Photo of Jeff Erickson
    Jeff Erickson
    Computational Geometry and Topology, Algorithms
  • Photo of Michael A. Forbes
    Michael A. Forbes
    Pseudorandomness, Algebraic Computation, Computational Complexity
  • Photo of Sariel Har-Peled
    Sariel Har-Peled
    Computational Geometry, Geometric Approximation Algorithms
  • Photo of Sheldon Jacobson
    Sheldon Jacobson
    Optimization, Operations Research
  • Photo of Dakshita Khurana
    Dakshita Khurana
    Cryptography, Secure Computation, Zero-Knowledge, Differential Privacy
  • Photo of Ruta Mehta
    Ruta Mehta
    Algorithmic Game Theory, Mathematical Economics, Efficient Algorithms
  • Photo of Mahesh Viswanathan
    Mahesh Viswanathan
    Model Checking, Logic, Cyberphysical Systems, Software, Security
  • Photo of Tandy Warnow
    Tandy Warnow
    Graph Algorithms, Statistical Estimation, Heuristics for NP-Hard Optimization Problems, Experimental Algorithmics, Applications to Grand Challenges in Biology and Historical Linguistics

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