About the Group

Technology ServicesĀ has startedĀ a student advisory group. This group will help us gain insight directly from students about student technology use, specific services offered on campus, and various topics of interest to help Technology Services better support students.

This group will allow Technology Services to *LISTEN* to students directly. The intention of the group will be to learn about student usage of technology and Technology Services on our campus.

We will use this student group as a discussion, a back-and-forth communication, focusing on what the students are saying and engaging with them by listening, responding thoughtfully, and creating an open dialog. Also, students will assist with testing and providing feedback on Technology Services tools and services, such as seeing beta versions of apps or systems and providing direct input.

In addition to the questions or topics Tech Services brings to each meeting, there will be time allotted for open commentary from the students, allowing them to bring up any ideas, thoughts, concerns, etc..

Meeting logistics:

– Meet regularly – once a month during the academic year, and once a month over summer if possible.

– Tech Services will provide food – either during lunch or after hours dinner

– Each meeting will have a topic(s) to guide the conversation

– Meetings start Fall 2016

Interested in joining us?

Fill in your info here: https://goo.gl/forms/imTK6JZnBVsPhj2C3

Have questions, topics of interest, or ideas for the group, email G. Asim Osaze at gosaze2@illinois.edu

Student Info Sheet 2016-2017