THE POST OFFICE: Suman Mukhopadhyay presents Tagore for the 21st-century stage

7:30 PM, October 28, Saturday, in Lincoln Hall Theater

3:30 PM, November 5, in Channing Murray Foundation (seating begins at 3:00 PM)

 The performance of the play will be based on two texts: Tagore’s original 1912 play The Post Office, and Vivek Narayan’s play Walking to the Sun: A Play on Tagore’s Post Office, which connects Tagore’s play with wartime Poland, where it was performed in translation. Following Narayan’s text, Mukhopadhyay will present a split stage, one area for the Warsaw Ghetto (the representative character is Janusz Korczak, a historical figure) and one for Amal’s home in the Indian village.

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This play is part of this year’s Annual Tagore Festival.

Reference to the play in Janusz Korczak’s Diary

Tagore (2nd from right) in the role of Gaffer.

Andrzej Wajda’s 1990 film