Illinois Strong Couples Project

Because you want
a relationship that lasts

Thank you for your interest in the Illinois Strong Couples project!

Maintaining a strong relationship with your spouse or romantic partner can be a challenge. And when you need help, getting trustworthy and effective relationship support can be equally difficult.
This project is here to help.
The Illinois Strong Couples project – a collaborative effort between the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and University of Illinois Extension – is designed to provide you with free, proven online help for your relationship.
So whether you are wanting to build greater intimacy and connection, communicate more effectively, or protect your marriage from divorce, help is just a click away.


“Great program. I would tell anyone I know to try it.”

“My wife and I really communicate much better”

“I wish I could have had [the program] earlier in our relationship.”

Interested in learning more?

Here’s a bit more information to make sure the program is right for you.

What is the goal of the project?

To help strengthen your couple relationship…and the relationships of couples throughout the state of Illinois.

What does the project involve?

Participation in the project involves:

  • Completing the ePREP program, which consists of 6 online modules + 5 video conference calls with a trained coach
  • Completing 3 surveys to examine the effect of the program

All program activities can be completed in your home at a time that works well for you and your partner.

Does the program work?

Yes! ePREP is one of the most scientifically-supported online programs for couple relationships and has helped thousands of couples to date. Results from multiple studies indicate that couples who participate in ePREP demonstrate improved relationship and individual well-being compared to couples who did not participate in the program.

Who can participate?

You can enroll in the Illinois Strong Couples project if you are

  • 18 years of age or older
  • An Illinois resident
  • Married, engaged, or living with your partner for at least 6 months
  • Willing to participate with your partner in an online program and complete 3 surveys related to your involvement
What does the program cost?

Nothing! The Illinois Strong Couples project is also a research study. So, we cover the costs of the program and, for the first 200 couples who enroll, you and your partner can together earn $150 by each completing the 3 surveys related to your participation in the program. (These survey incentives are currently for Illinois-based residents only; non-Illinois residents will have the chance to win a $25 gift card for every survey they complete).

How do I enroll?

Just fill out the screening form for the project!  To proceed, click on appropriate ‘Enroll Here’ button at the top of this page (or just use the link here for Illinois residents or non-Illinois residents). This will take you to the screening enrollment page for the project. Once we receive your screening form, we will send you an email with information to enroll in the project.

Is this therapy?

No, this is not therapy. This program is an online relationship education program that is backed by decades of research. In couples therapy, couples work with a therapist to create an individualized treatment plan, and therapists sometimes ask deep questions. In our education program, all couples receive the same online program and the same series of coach calls that help to guide and encourage you along the way. Coach calls help you practice skills and remind you of what you learned online; coach calls are not therapy calls.