Navigating International Collaborations and Research Integrity

Virtual Conference || November 1 – 2, 2023

It is critical that our institutions continue to embrace international research teams as integral to addressing future global challenges. Navigating international collaborations successfully is essential for ensuring research integrity, especially within a research environment with heightened concerns related to international research security. Effective and transparent communications within diverse teams fosters a positive climate that supports innovation and robust research. 

This free two-day virtual conference will provide insights into successfully navigating international collaborations and address beneficial education and training efforts to support the needs of research teams and their institutions.

Together we will address some of these fundamental questions:

  • What are the key challenges of international research collaborations?
  • What can institutions do to support international teams and promote robust research by proactively addressing concerns, especially those related to international research security? 
  • How can institutions and principal investigators foster positive research climates within international partnerships?
  • What effective tools promote robust research within international collaborations for:
    • Managing language and cultural dynamics, 
    • Supporting positive communication strategies within diverse teams,
    • Addressing concerns of research security,
    • Supporting inclusive laboratory practices, and, 
    • Providing needed education and training programs.