Mentoring Up: Resources for Success in Research Integrity
Virtual Conference | October 26 – 27, 2022

Supportive mentoring is critical in ensuring a positive climate which fosters diversity, integrity, and robust research. Detrimental and questionable research practices often emerge from poor mentoring relationships. This free two-day virtual conference will provide insights into the root-causes of adverse research practices and address beneficial mentoring to support the needs of mentors, mentees, and research institutions.

Together we will address some of these fundamental questions:

  • How does mentoring impact research integrity?
  • What can institutions do to support mentoring, proactively address concerns, and avoid systemic failures?
  • How can mentors and mentees foster positive research climates and partnerships?
  • What are best practices for mentoring and other research relationships?
  • How should institutions support inclusive research communities and laboratory practices?
  • What effective tools promote robust mentoring practices, for example,
    • Managing power dynamics,
    • Supporting positive communication strategies, and
    • Supporting inclusive laboratory practices?

Intended Audience

This free conference is open to any individuals involved in research at higher education institutions. It is targeted to research integrity practitioners, educators, administrators, graduate students, and postdoctoral scholars.

Conference Planning Committee

This annual conference is sponsored by the University of Illinois and the Big Ten Academic Alliance as a commitment to utilizing best practices and applications of Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) education.

2022 Conference Planning Committee 

The Conference Planning Committee extends its gratitude to Amy Adams, Jamie Hedrick, and Tyler Wolpert in UIUC’s Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation for their technical support of the conference website, and to Michelle Marquart in UIUC’s Conference and Event Services for her coordination of the virtual meeting. THANK YOU!

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