How do I edit my basic profile information?

To edit your basic profile information, follow the steps below, outlined in our video tutorial entitled “Editing your Illinois Experts profile.”

1. Log in to Illinois Experts using the University’s single sign-on process.

2. Click on the “edit profile” button below your profile photo/avatar to open the profile editing window.

3. Make changes to any of the following areas (see below for screenshot):

1. Name variants If you would like to change your display name, you are encouraged to request a Published or Professional Name (PPN) that will apply across all of your UIUC accounts. (Please see this information from Technology Services.)

You may have also previously published under a different name. Adding a “default publishing name” or “former name” can help to improve the accuracy of the automated searches for publications, but they will not display.

2. ORCID iD From within your Experts profile, you can create an ORCID iD (or connect to an existing one). Learn more.
3. Profile photo Photograph (<1MB) for display on your profile. (Use of accounts to store or transmit copyrighted material such as photographs is forbidden unless permission has been obtained from the copyright owner.)
4. Links Use your Experts profile to direct others to a lab website, other professional profiles (ResearchGate, Google Scholar, etc.), or social media accounts. Learn more.
5. Research description Add brief descriptive text under a variety of headings, including Research Interests, Education, Teaching, Academic Service, and more. Note: text added as the “Research Interests” or “Creative/Performing Interests” type will be factored into your fingerprint. Learn more.
6. Education/academic qualification Do not enter information into this section. Instead, if you wish to list your educational credentials in your profile, add this information in the “Curriculum & research description” section.
7. Keywords Improve your profile’s discoverability by adding free form keywords or from available taxonomies. Learn more.
8.Fingerprint You can suppress terms from your profile fingerprint, but cannot add terms directly. Learn more.
9. Save Remember to always SAVE any changes made to your profile

4. There are several fields you are unable to edit directly, including:

  • Name
  • Unit affiliation(s) and job title(s)
  • Email address
  • Profile visibility

5. Changes made to the profile will generally appear on the public portal within a few minutes. However, in rare cases, it may take up to 24 hours for the changes to appear.

If you have questions about your profile, please contact Illinois Experts staff at

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