James O’Dwyer, 183 Morrill Hall
Associate Professor, Department of Plant Biology
Member, Program in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology
Affiliate, Woese Institute for Genomic Biology
Simons Foundation Investigator in Mathematical Modeling of Living Systems
McDonnell Foundation Complexity Scholar

James O'Dwyer - professor, plant biology

Research Scientists

Ruth Davidson

Postdoctoral Researchers

Mario Muscarella (172 Morrill Hall)

Rafael D’Andrea (172 Morrill Hall)

Graduate Students

Alice Doucet Beaupré (PhD Student, PEEC, Office: 181 Morrill Hall)

Stacey Butler (PhD Student, Mathematics Department, 183 Morrill Hall)

Nicholas Sutton (MS Student, PEEC, 183 Morrill Hall)

Nicholas Sutton picture

Broadly speaking I am interested in decision-making processes and the proximate causes of behavior. Specifically, I am interested in the behavioral ecology of ungulates and in the processes behind decisions made during predator-prey encounters (e.g. when to flee versus when to remain vigilant) as well as similar problems such as habitat and patch choice.

Nicholas LaRacuente (PhD Student, Physics Department, 183 Morrill Hall)

Current Undergraduate Students

Euphy Wu

Former Undergraduate Students

Belen Muniz

Zachary Cohen

Ankit Patel (2013-2014)

Ehitare Emuze (2014)

Arturo Chaidez (2014)

Vanessa Chen (2014)