Hello Visitors!


Fall semester right around the corner! We will resume normal meeting activity on Tuesdays after the Neuroscience Seminars. We look forward to seeing everyone again!

— 8/15/2023


Summer is Approaching! We hope everyone had a great semester and is ready for some restful summer filled with sunlight and research!

— 5/20/2023

Hope everyone had a wonderful break over the winter! As the semester slowly start, the first general meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 31st (updated to 2/7/2023, please see below edit) at Beckman right after the first Neuroscience Program seminar! We will discuss some important events that is coming up this semester and some social events that have been planned. We hope to see you there!

Edit on 1/30/2023, since the first seminar is cancelled, we will move our first meeting to Tuesday, February 7th. Same location and as usual — after the seminar!

— 1/20/2023

With the conclusion of this semester, our general meeting will take a break and resume in the Spring semester on Tuesday, January 31st at Beckman (again, after the neuroscience seminar). NSO wishes everyone a safe trip to wherever you’re going and a wonderful holiday season! 

— 12/9/2022

We are currently looking for graduate students that would like to be included in the research highlight for November! Please contact Chen Huang at chenh3@illinois.edu if you would like to be listed on the website and our Instagram!

— 10/26/2022

We are the Neuroscience Student Organization (NSO), an organization under the Neuroscience Program (NSP) at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. We will have updates on this website soon!!

— 09/22/2022