Conversation with Central Public Services Division (12/17/14)

Susan Avery, Central Public Services (CPS) Division Coordinator, invited me to make some general remarks at the division meeting about strategic planning and the retreat. We had a good discussion about inclusiveness, process, and communication.

CPS will also take responsibility for ensuring that there is at least one person staffing the Information Desk when the Library is closed on January 9 since the Main Library building will be unlocked.Thanks CPS!

In addition, CPS members made a number of useful suggestions for how we might engage campus stakeholders as well as library employees in the process. I have already requested to meet with the University Librarian’s Student Advisory Committee and the Senate Committee on the Library early in the spring semester. If there are other groups that we might engage, I would welcome hearing from you.

All the best,
Lisa Hinchliffe
Coordinator, Strategic Planning