Welcome to the Kontou Research Group!

Our group is part of the internationally recognized and top-ranked Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Our research interests are in sustainable transportation systems planning and operations. We develop quantitative models and data-driven solutions to emerging mobility challenges.

Main Research Thrusts

Transportation Electrification & Energy Use

We are modeling transportation electrification and charging infrastructure deployment, determining policies that accelerate decarbonization, and capturing interdependencies with the electricity grid. Our objective is to advance engineering knowledge and lead the way to a more sustainable transportation system understanding the trade-offs between adoption and use costs, environmental externalities, and energy use.

Optimal plug-in hybrid vehicles charging management (Kontou et al., 2017)
Electricity costs for electric vehicle fast charging providers (Muratori, Kontou & Eichman, 2019)




Emerging Mobility Services

Ridesourcing empty miles savings from future travel demand diffusion (Kontou et al., forthcoming)

We conduct ridesourcing demand modeling and operation simulations. Our goal is to propose technologies and policies integration to make such emerging systems’ operation financially and environmentally sustainable, serving communities in an equitable manner.

Ridesourcing trip flows per land use (Wenzel, Rames, Kontou, Henao, 2019)