I read a really wonderful devotional this morning from She Reads Truth, and it was about the importance of friendship in our lives. The writer gives the example of Paul writing to the Thessalonians and how he shared with them, understood them, and motivated them to endure the trials they were going through. “Paul’s letter illustrates that being a family of faith involved knowing an being known.” The friends that God has placed in our lives are one of the best resources for encouragement and community in our lives. I think that some of us have a really hard time finding friends or small communities that we can join in veterinary school – mainly because we are so stressed out and busy and worried about passing. As I’ve progressed through vet school, I have found that I truly need friends in my life – for the moments we spend together chatting about how hard class is, to the silly moments where we are laughing so hard we can barely breathe. God gives us these moments, but He also wants us to move towards Him – keeping each other accountable.

So here is our challenge: Let us keep the community at the vet school a positive an encouraging one. Let us always turn away from talking down about those around us and remind each other that we are here to fulfill a purpose – God’s purpose for our lives, and it is a huge blessing to be here. And finally, let us love each other, reassure those around us that God’s love is never-ending, and continue to kindle the friendships He has placed in our lives by growing through Him.

– Faith