The Hunter Recruitment Program provides FREE educational workshops aimed at teaching ADULT participants how to hunt deer, turkey, small game, upland game, and waterfowl. Workshops are open to individuals who have not previously hunted the workshop species they are attending.

Why does this program only focus on adults?
  • Other programs focus on recruiting youth hunters and do a great job in their recruitment efforts. On the other hand, there are no resources for adults who did not learn as kids until now.
Why should efforts be focused on recruiting adult hunters?
  • Adults have and control their disposable income, which makes them able to buy necessary equipment.
  • Adults who participate have chosen to take the time to learn a new skill of their own volition, so may be more likely to stay in the hunting population.
  • A hunter is a hunter, recruiting adults is just as important as recruiting youths.
  • Recruiting adult hunters may also increase the number of youth hunters, as younger adults may hunt with their own children when they begin families.
  • Creating new adult hunters automatically adds to the pool of mentors for youth and adult hunting events.
  • Adults can support hunting in opposing anti-hunting legislation and other efforts that seek to curtail hunting and shooting sports.

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