Key Publications

Enhanced Accident Tolerant Fuel 

Performance of iron–chromium–aluminum alloy surface coatings on Zircaloy 2 under high-temperature steam and normal BWR operating conditions

Response of Cr and Cr-Al coatings on Zircaloy-2 to high temperature steam

TEM/STEM study of Zircaloy-2 with protective FeAl(Cr) layers under simulated BWR environment and high-temperature steam exposure

Steam Oxidation of Zirconium–Yttrium Alloys from 500-1100 C

Dissolution of Intermetallic Second-Phase Particles in Zircaloy-2 in High-Temperature Steam

Grain boundary and lattice fracture toughness of UO2 measured using small-scale mechanics

State-of-the-Art Report on Light Water Reactor Accident-Tolerant Fuels

Engineered Zircaloy Cladding Modifications for Improved Accident Tolerance of LWR Nuclear Fuel

Irradiation Effects, Thin-Film Uranium Compounds

Microstructure, Hardness, and Residual Stress of the Dissimilar Metal Weldments of SA508-309L/308L-304L

Modified microstructures in proton irradiated dual phase 308L weldment filler material

Mechanical properties of UO2 thin films under heavy ion irradiation using nanoindentation and finite element modeling

Characterization of single crystal uranium-oxide thin films grown via reactive-gas magnetron sputtering on yttria-stabilized zirconia and sapphire

Structural and compositional characterization of single crystal uranium dioxide thin films deposited on different substrates

Radiation enhanced diffusion of Nd in UO2

Measurement of radiation-enhanced diffusion of La in single crystal thin film CeO2

LWR Fuel Performance  and Modeling

Modeling hydrogen solvus in zirconium solution by the mesoscale phase-field modeling code Hyrax

Azimuthally anisotropic hydride lens structures in Zircaloy 4 nuclear fuel cladding: High-resolution neutron radiography imaging and BISON finite element analysis

Effect of external stress on deuteride (hydride) precipitation in Zircaloy-4 using in situ neutron diffraction

Study of the mechanical behavior of the hydride blister/rim structure in Zircaloy-4 using in-situ synchrotron X-ray diffraction

Hydrogen Phase Behavior, Defect Trapping, Diffusion

Vibrational modes and quantum zero-point energy of hydrogen in ZrH0.0155 and ZrH2

Direct measurement of hydrogen diffusivity and solubility limits in Zircaloy 2 (formula unit of ZrH0.0155) using incoherent quasi-elastic neutron scattering

Small-angle neutron scattering measurements of δ-phase deuteride (hydride) precipitates in Zircaloy 4

Direct Measurement of Hydrogen Dislocation Pipe Diffusion in Deformed Polycrystalline Pd Using Quasielastic Neutron Scattering

Small-angle neutron scattering measurements of hydrogen and deuterium trapping at dislocations in deformed single-crystalline Pd at low temperature

Hydrogen trapping at dislocation cores at room temperature in deformed Pd

Deuterium phase behavior in thin-film Pd

SANS measurements of deuterium-dislocation trapping in deformed single crystal Pd