Victory Players

The Victory Players is a program of the Massachusetts International Festival of the Arts and the MIFA Victory Theater. Led by music director, Tianhui Ng, the program celebrates the achievements of extraordinary young professional classical musicians even as it creates opportunities to combine musical excellence with community engagement, advocacy, and teaching.

About El Puerto Rico Project

El Puerto Rico, the Rich Port, is inspired by the rich history and culture of the island of Puerto Rico. In the 15th century, it was a key part of New Spain, and following the Spanish-American war of 1898, a possession of the United States. Since the Jones Act of 1917, the island’s citizens have been US citizens and the island is a US territory.

This unique past means that music from Puerto Rico represents some of the longest, if not the longest continuous tradition in the United States. Along with distant roots of the indigenous Taíno, the Afro-Caribbean inflected music continues to be an important voice in the musical fabric of the United States.

This concert is a part of an ongoing exploration of this incredible musical heritage by the Victory Players. We have been dazzled by all that our friends and family from Puerto Rico have shared with us over these past four years. This summer, the grand adventure will come to a culmination with the music of ten of the most exciting new voices in Puerto Rican music written for us and premiered right here in Holyoke, MA. We will share the stage with beloved local group Bomba de Aqui and look forward to sharing our music with the entire community.

This program is borne out of these fascinating dynamics. Ruminate with our composers about their roots and their identities, immerse yourselves in these deep wellsprings of emotion and feeling, explore the unique landscape through music, and let the fervour of dance sweep you away in protest and joyous celebration.

I hope you will enjoy this carefully prepared musical feast!