Week 4: 3D Printing myself

I have never thought that one day I would be able to print myself. But, last week I got a chance to do that. It was pretty exciting. First, we had to scan each other using an Ipad or a special scanner connected to a computer. After couple tries the scanning process was successful and I was able to save it and open it on tinkercard. This is the scanner that I used.


Next, I added the base for my model and played around with colors creating Illini spirit. I thought that I would be able to print my model in two colors, however I forgot that we can only use one color. The shape of the model was nearly perfect, so there was no need for adjustment.


Then I saved my model and sent it to the 3D printer. I waited a little bit before it started printing and then picked it up the next day when it was ready. The result was great, I liked my model.

IMG_20150210_173014  IMG_20150211_172156


This experience had a significant impact on me, because I realized the power of this technology and what can be done with it. Essentially, this means it is possible to scan any object and replicate it through 3D printing. I think the combination of 3D scanning and 3D printing will be a powerful way of finding new solutions for existing problems. I believe that this know how will be especially useful in organ printing where most of the times the exact copy of the existing organ is needed.



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