Undergraduate Research

Professor Decker French (Astronomy) is looking for undergraduate research students to help with a program preparing for observations with the Vera C. Rubin Observatory. The research will involve using python tools to model transient and variable sources related to supermassive black holes. The student researchers will gain skills in scientific computing, simulating and analyzing data, and presenting quantitative results.

Hours: This position will start as ASTR 390 credit in the Spring (6 hours / week total time commitment) and transition to paid research in the Summer if agreeable to both parties ($15/hour, 20-40 hours/week).

Qualifications: Preferred qualifications include some experience using python and familiarity with concepts in Astronomy, demonstrated through e.g. completion of ASTR 210. Students of all backgrounds and identities are encouraged to apply.

Application: Please complete the application below and send the requested information to deckerkf@illinois.edu by 12/17/21.